Kirsten Tomilson

Kirsten began her media career 2 decades ago as a freelance production assistant on hectic live action television and movie sets. Not satisfied, she made the move to become a production coordinator at Collideascope Digital Productions in Halifax. In the animation world she had the opportunity to work on numerous award winning and critically acclaimed series as she scaled the business ladder upwards earning more responsibility as an associate producer, and eventually as a producer. Loved by her crew, and integral to the successful planning and execution of tight budgets and schedules, Kirsten learned a lot about the artistic process and how to organize large teams of creative individuals towards a common goal by building stable productions and fostering an atmosphere of respect, teamwork, and productivity something that Kirsten believes is integral to the creative process.
Always up for a new challenge, Kirsten transitioned to a new role as a video game Producer for HB Studios in Lunenburg. She accepted the challenge of learning an entirely different production model in a new technology sector, quickly rising to the role of Senior Project Manager. During her time with HB Kirsten successfully produced a number of world-class console games with top clients from around the gaming world, and helped the company expand their business while managing numerous productions at two separate facilities. After experiencing work-life in a large gaming facility, Kirsten decided to make a sideways swing into developing her own company called Fourth Monkey Media Inc. during her time as CEO Fourth Monkey delivered over 25 mobile gaming projects successfully. This impressive team saw the development of a interactive theme park attraction at Disneyland working with high profile companies like LeapFrog, CBC, and TellTale to name but a few.
Kirsten’s in-depth and rounded work experience in media, television, feature films and games gives her a stunning array of skills and attributes any client will find indispensable. She has evolved her career towards serving the interests of her clients and her craft, and she represents the missing link between left-brain artistic creative’s and goal-focused executives. Starting a collective of Indigenous artists is Kirsten’s most recent foray into the technological stratosphere. The visions for The Ni'gweg Collective are to tell Indigenous stories that have been passed down orally for generations. Ni'gweg is the Mi'gmaq word for "growth". The collective’s focus is to express Indigenous Canadian art forms in new spheres of creation, the way Indigenous artists want to, in their own way. Where traditional meets technology, Kirsten brings a keen eye and organization skills to this collective. Kirsten’s professional, positive attitude and her infectious humour make her a joy to work with, and we are proud and fortunate to have her as Ni’gweg’s founder and executive producer extraordinaire.

Kirsten on Vimeo - CanWIT (Women In Tech) and Techsporation video.