Phyllis Grant

Phyllis Grant is a Mi’gmaq artist from Pabineau First Nation. She is a mother, artist, rapper, filmmaker, dreamer and lover of all creation.

Phyllis has worked with several organizations, schools and groups –from those in her own community and home province of New Brunswick to the National Film Board of Canada ( Maq and the Spirit of the Woods  and  Waseteg ), Coca-Cola Canada and Honor the Earth.

An interdisciplinary artist, her works include animated films, poetry and music, as well as paintings and illustrations. Her artwork has appeared with many publications, including Pearson Canada, Native Women's Almanac and the First Nation’s Children’s Futures Fund. She was nominated for a Golden Sheaf award and is a twice-nominated East Coast Music Award artist.

Phyllis holds a Bachelor of Integrated Studies with a Certificate in Leadership Studies from UNB. She is proud to be a part of the Ni'gweg Collective, and looks forward to growing in humanitarian efforts. 

Phyllis is passionate about community building and transformative learning in terms of leadership through arts and technology. Her practice focuses on sharing traditions and exploring identity within the process of creation, often retelling stories she grew up with. Legends are healing for her -powerful transformers of mindsets and a precious community resource. She enjoys inspiring and facilitating creativity in others, and shares her path with unique expressions of family, nature, stories, medicines, passion and love. 

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